Friday, 18 June 2010

Admitting defeat or a rare attack of commonsense?

Finally fitted the boards to the long bed in the potager but seeing as we have had no proper rain for over a month the soil is completely unworkable (even though it's been dug over once).

I have covered it all with black membrane and will leave it for as many weeks/months as necessary. Yes, it would have been nice to plant some more squash and pumpkin but there's always next year. More irritating is the fact that I have a nursery area full of perennials which now have no home ...

When these were sown in April I assumed I would have prepared the long bed on the Potager side of the Fedge and the curved bed on the Cottage Garden side. I didn't factor in the driest Spring since 1929 which has left the clay soil totally unworkable.

On a positive note, this means that all the Potager carpentry is finished. The only things left to do with this area (apart from grow things) are re-seed the strip next to the path where we removed the fencing and dig a small pond - easy stuff!

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