Monday, 10 May 2010

Unwelcome wildlife

Mr and Mrs Stinky and their cousins are back. One last week, a couple the week before and two last night.

They usually seem to stay under the kitchen cupboards but last night Management was checking his email and suddenly had a sense of being watched - by a small furry thing which was obviously trying to get back from his office to the kitchen but did not dare dash across the carpet with him in the room.

All captives get a free ride in a nice Honda and a new home considerably further than the ½ mile away that is, apparently, a sufficient distance to stop them returning. They are well fed before their relocation and don't appear to be very worried about the temporary captivity.

If they'd stay in the garden then this beautiful visitor could have them for tea.

We have seen the kestrel hunting across the potager on many occasions. Rubbish photo, next time I'll wait until she is hovering rather than when she's flying past at speed!


  1. Do you think you will ever be rid of them?

  2. Nope!

    I refuse to use any poisons and would rather drive miscreants to a new home than deal with dead bodies so I guess it is one of the prices we pay for living in the country.

  3. We get one here about every second year. We use live traps and let them go too.

  4. How lovely you capture little mouse and release. I will make a mental note of the distance.....tku for that.

    Kestrals are amazing. I have sighted one in the willow in the garden. She often hunts near the railway line, that runs along the bottom of my garden.


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