Saturday, 22 May 2010


All of Friday and much of Saturday . . . a bit like moving house but there wasn't anyone I could pay to do all the carrying.

Nearly all the contents of the garage are now in the shed although I'm not sure I could find any particular item in a hurry should the need arise. Management persuaded me to take all the 'old' shelf units from the garage as well as the new ones we had bought for the shed and, as usual, he was right and we really do need that much shelf space if I am to stand half a chance of organising the contents.

Each day I do a little more to instill some much needed order, getting the tools up felt like a big step forward.

Seem to be spending all my time in the top (east) corner of the garden; all the 'business stuff' is here - log store, shed and greenhouse, and when I eventually get them built, compost bins too. It feels very workmanlike and rather nice!


  1. Oh, mine only looks that tidy after Himself has had a go in there. I soon make it 'comfy' again!

  2. It looks pretty organised to me. Is this definately your space so there's no chance of Management moving things? I used to know where everything was in our grage and shed until a. John moved in and b. son grew up and acquired tools etc. these days I can't find a thing.

  3. Thanks guys, it is definitely MY space.

    Management and I have totally opposing views on what constitutes putting things away - his involves placing item on nearest shelf and only tidies up properly when the teetering pile finally collapses. This methodology works for him - in his office, garage, car .....

  4. That is the tidiest space that I have ever seen!

    It would please my sense of 'everything in its place' to have a white paint outline around each tool in order to make putting things away a giant game of 'post the shape into the box'. Or is it just me who had that game as a small child?

  5. white paint outline around each tool

    believe me ... I thought about it :} :} :}


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