Thursday, 13 May 2010

Shed, part one

Finally, hurrah, the shed is delivered. It has been made to order by Patersons across the valley and had to be delivered in two loads - wouldn't fit on the lorry in one trip.

Like the rest of Bag End, it is not a small, neat, tidy, domesticated garden shed. No, this is going to be a huge, wonderful space and there is the smallest chance that I might actually get everything in it (that is, of course, until Management finally convinces me that we need a ride-on lawnmower - then there will be no spare room in the shed at all!)

Safely tucked up for the night, thankfully rain is forecast tonight rather than another evil frost. I still have all the greenhouse plants covered with fleece, just in case, and have also covered the strawberries. Am leaving the outside new potatoes to their own devices - won't be that upset if they get too badly frosted - the indoor ones are doing very well and, in truth I could do with that raised bed back for something else ...

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