Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A sense of order

Glorious day spent entirely in the greenhouse. The occasional showers did the garden some good and didn't impede my progress at all.

Everything ready to be put outside is now on the gravel area (apart from the peas which are lurking near the door and probably should already be outside).

Plants which are too small to go out and the tender greenhouse crops completely fill the tops of the staging.

The main village Church (there is more than one) is having a fund-raising evening next weekend with a plant stall so all my spares are potted up on some lower staging either to be donated or given to any friend who happens to get there first!

The potatoes are maintaining their Triffid aspirations, look closely at the green tub nearest the edge of the staging. Nature always finds a way - and in this case, it is through a crack in the old plastic pot.

Trying not to feel a little glum that most of my plants, especially tomatoes, are so far behind everyone else's. I know I started them late, and I know they will probably catch up (and being greenhouse grown, may be safe from blight and have a chance to mature), and I know that having any crops this year is a bonus - it is only our first year of actually "gardening" here, but they are still so small . . .


  1. That's one very full green house. Are you sure it's big enough!!

  2. Of course it's not ruddy big enough!

    You do know about the other greenhouse, don't you?

  3. I think my tomatoes are much more behind than yours - they are quite teeny :(

  4. Yes I knew there is another greenhouse. Still not convinced only two will be big enough for your garden.

  5. Angela - sssh, Management reads the blog, don't scare the dear man!

    Mrs Pao, thank you.


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