Sunday, 9 May 2010

Quiet Weekend

An unidentified bug meant that neither of us did much over the weekend, most frustrating when the weather was decent and there are fences and beds to work on. Thankfully we weren't actually ill (if you know what I mean) we just felt awful - and looking on the bright side, not wanting to eat for three days guarantees I will weigh the same for my 50th birthday as I did on my 20th!

Saturday morning brought a lovely and unexpected gift from farmer RJ:

On Sunday I managed to get some of the largest seedlings potted on, if the curcubits stayed in the first pots much longer I was worried they would get a bit checked. Butternut and Pumpkins (aka The Triffids) and Cucumber Perfection now happily ensconced in larger pots.
(Ollie's Sunflower on the left)

The Cucurbitaceae family includes squash, gourds and melons. As I disturbed the roots of the pumpkins I was rewarded with the scent of warm, sweet, honeydew melon .... utterly delicious. Trying to grow melons this far north would be daft - but it would be fun - and we do have a "spare" greenhouse that will be built sometime in the future - and I really ought to concentrate on hedging and windbreaks!

The greenhouse new potatoes have put on a huge amount of growth - about 10 times more than those in the potager. It always seems such a shame to do this and I probably should have earthed them up sooner, but all the tops have now been covered with more compost.

On 30th April they looked like this:

On 9th May they had grown a little!

Weather note: 6.00am today there was a sharp white frost across much of the garden. I hadn't expected it so the potatoes in bags were uncovered, fortunately the new potatoes in the potager hadn't been uncovered from the night before. The greenhouse doesn't seem to have suffered at all.


  1. It all looks very productive to me, but then what do I know.

  2. It's incredibly productive, Angela, believe me - although with that many concubit seedlings, Bag End will be drowning in squash/pumpkin/cucumber come the end of August....! {gg}

  3. Giggle - Hazel, don't panic, we are not going to be overrun with squashes and the like - I have homes for nearly all of the spare plants!

    Keeping the potatoes for us though {smile}


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