Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Not enough hours in the day

If I don't soon spend a day in the greenhouse potting on seedlings then I shall not have to worry about lack of prepared space - half my plants will curl up and die of overcrowding and inadequate attention.

Today was not the day - lots of errands to do which resulted in two different trips to Cockermouth and one to Workington.

Weather has changed, thankfully much cooler but also breezy and the asparagus fern has caught the wind and is not strong enough to stand up to it. And unplanned bit of carpentry at lunchtime to make a semi-permanent wind-break which will still allow me to weed when necessary.

I'm rather pleased with it and Management approved when he got back from London this evening.


  1. I hadn't thought about the asparagus needing shelter from the wind - although I can easily take your cue and build a windbreak if necessary around my allocated 8' by 4' bed.

    I'm sure that you've said, but remind me what is growing in the bed in the foreground - shrubs of some sort?

  2. They are yew and hawthorn - self-sown seedlings which were found minding their own business under various trees which have since been felled. In theory (ha ha) they are due to be part of a hedge - not sure which one!

    There are many more lurking in the shrubbery behind the house but it's too dry to move them.


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