Wednesday, 12 May 2010

NGS Garden Visit, Copt Howe

Happy Birthday to me! What better way to spend it than poking around someone else's garden, driving through stunning Cumbrian scenery in fabulous weather and ending up at a brilliant restaurant with friends?

I've been meaning to visit Copt Howe for months, it is a famous garden and open on several dates during the year. One day, however, I am going to remember that I really don't like Langdale, regardless of how good a PR it has . . . after battling to find somewhere to leave the car I did at least have the consolation of this view whilst I had a coffee before going into the garden.

I knew Copt Howe and I were not going to fall in love before I had even got to the end of the driveway. Countless signs everywhere telling me what to look at, telling me where to walk, and virtually no views at all which, given the setting, seems to be something of a missed opportunity.

The owner specialises in esoteric planting of rare and wonderful items, the significance of which are completely wasted on me. I like native plants, they are the ones our native wildlife have evolved to depend upon. Notwithstanding that, there are some beautiful areas providing you can cope with very narrow paths and imminent claustrophobia.

OK, not native but these Trillium are beautiful

I was impressed with this healthy hosta

I was considerably less than impressed with this

This is the only view in the whole (nearly 1 acre) garden.

Garden art is terribly personal and there was way too much here for my taste.

Guess there is hope for Bag End . . .

I drove home through Troutbeck, surely one of the prettiest places in the whole region. Sadly, this year Linda Orchant is having a break and not opening her garden for the NGS. Do hope she changes her mind in 2011, High Cross Lodge, near Troutbeck is featured in "Gardens of the Lake District".


  1. Some pretty areas but didn't like the signs and lack of views. If my garden was there it would be built around what I could see beyond it!

  2. I agree Jill, seems like a tremendous waste of potential. Not a garden I will return to, unlike some of the others.


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