Sunday, 2 May 2010

NGS Garden visit, Brackenrigg Lodge, Windermere

As I was about to leave this morning I said to Management "I'm nuts driving to south Lakeland on a Bank Holiday Sunday". But setting aside the horrible drive I had a great day out being thoroughly nosy around 3 acres of Brackenrigg Lodge and 4 acres of Windy Hall, just a few yards from each other near Windermere.

I had a fabulous day, despite the traffic. This is going to sound odd but I did not particularly like either garden however that makes the visit just as valid as if I had fallen head-over-heels in love. It's extremely useful to see things which I don't want to replicate at Bag End. Despite being in the heart of the Lake District, neither garden had the sort of fabulous views we enjoy (but apparently both still get badly hit by wind).

Brackenrigg Lodge did not have the natural feel that I enjoy in a garden. The Rill was certainly the most stunning feature in the whole garden but cannot be seen from the house because of huge shrub planting in front of it.

In many areas, shrubs and small trees have been planted into the lawn leaving neat, round holes in the grass. It was very tidy and well maintained but this style of planting looked somewhat suburban, out of place in this setting.

Worrying that I was most interested in the Skunk Cabbage and compost bins ...

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