Thursday, 6 May 2010

Nectar Bar

I know I've been putting this off. Partly because it is so big, partly because the woodwork was difficult, partly because getting the timber for the front edge lined up and straight required more digging ... and probably muchly because we had talked about this area as a place for Ollie's ashes. He loved the corner where the fence angle changed and would often take himself off for a snooze in the long grass here.

Easy solution - change all the difficult things. Do the woodwork differently, and Ollie is staying in the bedroom with me for the foreseeable future.

Digging a small trench was the easy bit!

Not in the mood to deal with the 8" x 2" planks. Went to play with the fedge instead.

In the last few days, the following have been sown:

HSL Tomato Broad Ripple
Big Daisy (from Hazel)
HSL Dward French Bean Early Warwick
Parsnip White Gem
Morning Glory Grandpa Ott
Cucumber Burpless Taste Green
Hollyhocks (from Hazel)

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