Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Management laughed at me ...

Busy in the greenhouse, potting up endless seedlings (WHEN am I going to learn that my germination success is in the high 90%'s and I don't need to sow spares ....). I telephoned Management at work:

Hobbit: I know this is a daft question, but an aluminium greenhouse doesn't conduct electricity, does it?

Management: Well in theory, no, why on earth do you want to know?

Hobbit: Because there's a hell of a thunderstorm down the valley and it looks like it is heading this way.

Management: "chuckles" {lots}

I felt justified in having asked the question when I saw the evening news; within an hour of my call a poor chap had been struck by lightening whilst walking on Grasmoor, two people were also hit in Braithwaite and one near Buttermere.

Grasmoor, as one of the highest fells around here, generally gets to be centre stage if there is a storm brewing. Its lovely bulk was forgiven later when it earned Best Supporting Fell to the full moon.


  1. We commented on the loveliness of the moon this evening - it always tickles me that we're all so far apart, but are all appreciating the same celestial show (*thinks maybe that last glass of white was a mistake after all!)

    Your first pic with the church orange in the setting sun is an absolute delight. Is that looking south/south east across the river into town, or have I got my geog. mixed up?

  2. Evening missy, geography gold star for Hazel, you're absolutely right.

    Doesn't sound like you've had too much vino at all, which of the home-brewed lovelies was it tonight?

  3. I know the feeling you start by opening your mouth to ask the question and some how you know it's a silly one but you feel you just have to ask it anyway. Still I like to give my 'management' a chuckle every now and then. Better safe than sorry!

  4. Great shots.

    Did you eventually get all your seedlingss potted on?

  5. Ah found you again. I had foolishly not followed and could not for the life of me remember how I had got here before. The perils of wandering around in blog land!

  6. Angela, yes thank you. It was a long slog of a day but I got nearly everything done. Suffering a little from blog-lag ... must get the photos sorted out.

    Elizabeth, welcome back [grin}

    Sarum, I've been on the fells when there is a thunderstorm rolling around Grasmoor and it's no laughing matter.

  7. Elizabeth - PS: how is Mummy Welshsummer?

  8. Fantastic photo with the church and the moon Bilbo! Not sure if me following your blog has somehow transmitted itself telepathically to 'management' here but never has so much been done!

  9. That's a couple of seriously atmospheric pics there me dear.

  10. Just realised in a couple of weeks you and I could be sat looking at the same fells, just from different sides.

    Is it noticeable that I'm starting to get excited, lol.

  11. Don't tell John he reckons I never get excited, well not unless it involves gymnastics.


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