Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A little progress

After what seems like an eternity but has only been four days, I felt well enough to do something other than sit around and doze.

Morning: Purchase of MORE trays, pots and compost.

Afternoon: Pot on tomato, cucumber, Salvia and Anthirinum {donated by neighbour - thanks - I think}. Moved hay racks into greenhouse so I can get them planted up and growing on before they are put outside. Doesn't sound like much but it was a pleasant couple of hours.

Reading other blogs it seems I am not alone in covering the greenhouse residents with fleece each night, once again we had a sharp frost last night and the superb MWIS forecast for tomorrow requires a sense of humour:

It's a lot clearer if you click on it!


  1. Wishing you a blooming lovely birthday.. glad you've caught up!

  2. We har a harsh frost last night. Most unusual for this time of year in our area. I fortunately gave the greenhouse residents a covering of fleece last night. Hope they are ok, havn't quite got the courage to look yet.

    I even covered some of the plants in the garden, thought it might be a good idea. Turned our it was.

    Thank you for suggesting clematis....no I do not have that particular plant in the garden. I have made a note in my garden journal......
    lovely to have suggestions posted on my blog.

    Hope it warms up soon....

  3. Sounds like a perfect greenhouse day to me :o).

  4. Two years ago John and I had one of our best ever weeks in the Lakes, 6 days of walking with not one drop of rain. Breakfast and dinner eaten outside the tent with us being woken up by the sun making it unbearable to be in our sleeping bags.

    British weather - you've got to admit it's not predictable.


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