Monday, 24 May 2010

Just get on with it!

I have procrastinated and prevaricated for much too long, but the rampant growth of the greenhouse contents mean if I don't get some more beds sorted out there will be nowhere to put these plants.

Gritted teeth, determination and an 8.00am start did the trick, and by mid-morning the boards were in. Much time was lost packing up all the tools, putting everything away, getting washed and going for acupuncture. An interesting experience which I enjoyed, and two days later {when I wrote this} I think the hip is a little better than it was.

Spent a hot afternoon moving 15 barrows of cow muck which equated to a complete bulk bag plus a bit more. Don't have enough left to fill the bed completely, but that's OK. There are HSL peas in the greenhouse which are desperate to be outside so I'm going to use cane wigwams this year, I don't like them but do not have time to make fancy wooden obelisks - perhaps that's a job for the winter?

Pots are buried in the middle of the wigwams to make watering more efficient later in the year with a crumple of chicken wire to ensure nothing falls in and cannot escape. This was about the point I realised in my hurry to get the bed done I have forgotten to fix damp-proof membrane to the soil-side of the boards ...... ggrrrrrrrr.


  1. It looks absolutely super! I really must get my act together!

  2. What a lot of work! no wonder you have to have a holiday, but it looks fantastic and I am sure will be wonderfully productive too.


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