Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I'm fed up with this

I ~KNOW~ that the last frost date for this part of the world is "June" but knowing the fact and liking it are two different things.

Once again, last night the temperature dropped sharply (not surprising with such clear skies most of the time) and at 9.30pm it was a case of "spend ten minutes now making things safe or hours tomorrow cursing myself for not doing so". The greenhouse contents and a couple of the raised beds got tucked up for the night.

Trouble is, I only have a small amount of horticultural fleece and the larger the plants grow, the less it covers! Resorted to bit of Enviromesh and shade netting, and also went back to a few tea light candles on the greenhouse floor to (hopefully) raise the temperature just enough.

Of course, at 6.00am when I went out to fill the bird feeders it was obvious there had NOT been a frost last night, but if I'd not covered up the tender stuff there would have been :{


  1. It went down to 1.3 here last night. Tough time of the year eh?

  2. Your post below isn't accepting comments. So here's the comment that suits that post better!!

    I thought of you today as I was delivering catalogues. So many people were out doing their gardens and the flowers were looking delightful so I could just imagine you out doing the same.

    With so many of my favourite flowers currently coming out in the gardens I see I remain deeply envious of you and wish I had the time to be out in the graden. However as things seem to be turning a corner maybe John's dream of an early and comfortable retirement will come true and I'll be asking your advice on what does or doesn't survive well in the Lakes. Not sure you'll ever get me cutting down tress/branches though.

  3. We garden dangerously up here tucking up happens on the hill here. Even our hanging baskets are filled and outside hanging up...they have to tough it out. Runners, broad and french beans are planted too, tatties have been earthed twice now and will need a third in about a week.

    Mr Photo

    If we DO get a frost.....I'll cry!

  4. Hi Mr Photo! I phoned you earlier - have discovered some courgettes (they were hiding in amongst the cucumbers!). Want some?

    Angela, let me know when you're moving - I'll make the scones and save you some of the surplus seedlings :}

  5. Oh the joys of gardening. I have to say the weather this year has been so unpredictable. We have lost the frosts but have a ENE is surprising the damage it does in an open space.

    Hope you see the last of Jack soon.....

  6. I'd have been brave with the cover that the greenhouse already gives your crops, Bilbo (although like Mr P, I would cry if I lost anything!)

    The spuds in bags I wouldn't have risked, though, and covered as you have. Are you as envious as me that Flum has had her first new pots already?

  7. "Flummery-envy", now there's a thought! Trouble is Hazel, she's too bluddy nice to be envious of :}

    My first lot of potatoes did not go in until 21st April, it will be a while before I get to enjoy them :{

  8. We had frost here last night too. I don't like it - poor plants are getting very confused, especially after the heat we had for a few days.


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