Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Happy Birthday

Shaking head in disbelief - how did I get to half a century? That sounds so grown-up. I don't feel like a grown-up. I might stop counting now.

I have very few pictures of me as a little person but I think this one shows promise - out in the garden in very unflattering clothes waving a large hammer around. Guess some things don't change.

No gardening today, off to be self-indulgent.


  1. Happy birthday my dear. And just a hint - you don't actually grow up! (I haven't managed it yet and I've got quite a head start on you!)

  2. Happy birthday I hope you get to do all the fun things you had planned on doing.

  3. Happy Birthday!

    Big 50 for me too this year - and first grandchild - denial springs to mind.

    Love reading your achievements on the blog.

    Have a good day off

  4. Very many happy returns of the day, m'dear! I think that you should count birthdays to the age of 20, and then again from the age of 80!

    Have a wonderful day - it is an excuse for being spoilt rotten after all!


  5. Happy Birthday Dear Hobbit!

    I'm with you on the self indulgence for today. Enjoy!

  6. 50 is a great number.....half a century. Age has advantages for sure. I have learnt tolerance and patience, for that I am grateful.
    I am 60 next year and still garden an acre alone. Plus I take care of my elderly parents, ma in law and granchildren when needed.
    It is all in the mind I believe......

    Trust me, it just gets better and better...

    Happy birthday....indulge yourself, you deserve it.....

  7. Was this picture taken in a small Hertfordshire village by any chance? Very best wishes have a great day glad you have now caught up with me!!

  8. Why do think you should grow-up now? I strongly recommend that you don't!

    Anyway, I've said it privately, but Happy Birthday to you.

  9. Happy Birthday Bilbo, and may you have many more pottering in your garden. I love the early pic of you, obviously the seeds of your passions were sown early :o)

  10. A very Happy (now belated) birthday to you Bilbo...hope you got spoilt rotten!!

  11. Many happy returns, from an avid follower of your blog! xx

  12. Would you like some comfrey seeds?? It is a particularly pretty colour, I think.

  13. Happy Birtday - I'm a Taurean too and have stopped counting!

  14. I reckon you were thinking that half wall will have to go!

    A very belated very Happy Birthday from one mad hobbit to another!

    Our greenhouse has landed now! Nicely packaged and resting in the garage!


  15. Those who dance to a different tune are thought mad by the ones who cannot hear the music . . .

    Never a truer word spoken!

    I love the one about beautiful gardens!

  16. Happy belated birthday! Don't grow up! Grown ups are boring!

  17. The best laid plans . . . {sigh}

    I had this grand idea of writing to each of you individually to say "thank you" for your good wishes. Of course, I don't have contact details for everyone and time is moving inexorably onwards ...

    So I'll just say a huge Hobbit THANKS to everyone for your good wishes and yes I had a brilliant birthday.

  18. Very happy belated birthday wishes. Hope you had a lovely day. :))) PS Act your shoe size and you'll never feel old!

  19. Lesley - thank you! Sorry I have been AWOL and not kept up with your blog recently, will try to do better {g}


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