Saturday, 15 May 2010

Garden Design, Bag End style

There was this plan (there I go again, that 4 letter word!!).

We were going to build another small fedge in front of the greenhouse, partly to act as a small windbreak and partly so that I could plant ferns on the shady side. Just for a laugh we stuck some posts a few inches into the lawn to see what it might look like.

And of course decided we didn't like it, but Management had one of his "how about if we put up a trellis to hide the huge log pile and then we could ....." moments

and a few minutes later, we've got the next phase of building work all sorted! Of course, normal people would finish the jobs they have already started before launching into the next lot, but where's the fun in that?


  1. The beauty of sticking things in to try is that if you don't like is that you can always undo them again.

    Looking at the posts that you popped in on a temporary basis, i'm not sure that I like the shed/greenhouse boxed in with a hedge either. Also not sure on trellis, but your feel for these things is obviously better than mine!

  2. Make sure your greenhouse isn't deprived of light. However, people who finish a job before starting the next have no imagination or creativity! Now, what was I supposed to be doing?

  3. Angela, until I fill the shed with all the garden stuff that's in the garage he can't play with his own stuff!

    Flummery, you are absolutely right but don't fret, the proposed windbreak is actually further away from the g/house than it looks. Have just had the same conversation with Hazel {smile}.

  4. Management's looking very business-like there, he's obviously keen to move this part of the operation forwards so he can get his garage back LOL! That woodpile's going to keep you going for a winter or two.

  5. How come you can never seem to make life easy for yourself?

    By the way, are you sure you bought a shed? It looks big enough to be a bungalow - or a holiday chalet for friends.....

  6. QuiltSue - where would be the fun in that? As Flummery said, very dificult to finish a job completely before looking towards the next (which is why quilters have so many UFOs).

    Yes it's a big shed but planning permission does not allow sleep-overs, sorry.

    SewAli, Mgt was in "demonstrating where the path would go" mode.

  7. I felt so at home reading that post. It could have been me and Mr Practical.

    Made me post.

  8. Cheryl, they have their uses, huh? BTW, thank you for the offer of Comfrey seeds. If you can collect some later in the year I'd be very pleased to try and grow your Triffid up here.


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