Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Digging Week: Tuesday

Pain in the **** when life and other stuff gets in the way of ones aims for the week (see, I didn't say plans!)

Forgot I had an appointment today and that wiped out most of the morning. Patersons came to felt the shed roof. That involved taking OFF the huge roof they built last week and taking it back to the yard to apply roofing felt - it was too warm outside to do the job in the garden.

(yes, the sky was THAT blue today!)

Add to the endless list the need for trellis adjacent to the back and side, large beds in front of trellis, and interesting climbing things grown to minimise some of the bulk!

I retreated to a very hot greenhouse, fixed up some additional shading and had a huge reorganisation. This has given me a little bit of staging space but that won't last long because everything is growing brilliantly and continues to need moving into larger pots.

Once the shed work was finished and I had Bag End to myself again, I managed a bit more digging. I've got to the end of the 24' long bed but the last 6 feet were hell, full of stones, some the size of footballs, and the ground was rock hard. In the time available I chose to dig up all the soil and remove the largest stones and leave big lumps to be 'de-rooted' tomorrow.

The weather may be summer-like during the day but the sky is cloudless and once the sun goes down the temperature plummets. I'm still covering plants in the greenhouse with fleece but am not lighting half a dozen tea lights anymore, fingers crossed.

These outside potatoes (Brampton Maincrop) have been thoroughly earthed up again.


  1. I am so tempted to leave stuff outside now to harden off, but with my bad experience last week I am scared off. Still, it looks to be up in the 70s this next weekend. I've lost my nerve! still - Ollies sunflowers are safe and well!

  2. I know how you feel Matron. I noticed a couple of nights ago that it was not completely dark at 9.45. Then we realised it is the Longest Day in a month - which I always think of as halfway through summer because it is half of the year - but summer hasn't started yet!

    Glad the sunflowers are growing well for you.

  3. Can you please get your hammer/chainsaw out and knock something down just so I feel like I'm reading the blog I'm used to!!

    You'll get fed up of me saying how impressed I am with everything you've grown. You are definately inspiring me to get out into the garden but I know if I tried to grow anything this year I'd kill it with lack of time and care.

  4. Angela - LOL!

    I won't get fed up with anything you say :} I know how busy you are at present and you're correct, what I am doing right now does take a lot of time. Working towards getting some planting established here is a full-time job at present.

  5. Soon you'll be harvesting things the way it's all going. The plants look verry happy in the greenhouse.

  6. Are those the shallots nearest the door on the right? If so, they've grown to about double the size in a week! I can see why you are working so hard to get the ground preped with everything growing as such a rate of knots!

  7. Hazel - yes, everything, including the shallots is growing at the rate of knots and wants to be outside. Local wisdom appears to be last frost date is "June" .......

  8. That's a shed and three quarters! Not only do I envy your greenhouse....!


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