Monday, 17 May 2010

Digging Week: Monday

Despite the usual catalogue of Bag End interruptions, cleared another quarter of the bed today. Lots of stones in this section and the ground was much harder than nearer the hedge. Took out loads more buttercup root and although I will have missed some at least there is now less than there was!

Finished early (3.00) so I could take the lawnmower to WMP in Carlisle. The usual Keswick repairer doesn't deal with our make of mower (I think they're grumpy because we didn't buy it from them) but it's their loss because I've found an excellent alternative. The view towards the fells as I drove home on the A595 was just breathtaking, when I go back to collect the mower I'll have to take the camera with me and see if I can stop and take some pictures.


  1. How can you dig with views of those fells to admire?

  2. Slowly?

    (and lots of tea breaks to just "sit" and appreciate it)

  3. Doesn't that fence look 'right' there, and it's only been up 2 minutes! Angela is right about that view - a half memory comes to me of 'an ever changing tapestry of light', but I have no idea where it's from.

  4. You're absolutely right Hazel, prime example of why garden design should evolve as you go along!

    I'm going to have a go at putting a video on the blog so you can see it properly because photos only show a bit at a time.

    If you are half-remembering a well-known quote I am sure Flummery will identify it for us in the morning.

  5. Hi Bilbo.....buttercup is very hard to eradicate.
    A never ending job...

    I love the formation of your plot. I can see that so much work has been put into this area.
    Cannot wait to see it planted up and thriving.


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