Thursday, 20 May 2010

Digging week: derailed

Don't knock the NHS, and certainly not in Cumbria. Tuesday's appointment was for a physio assessment to try and get to the root of hip pain which I've experienced since a bad fall on ice in January 2009. A corticosteroid injection was suggested for which I needed to have another assessment ... and 24 hours later I'm being seen by the senior Physiotherapist at a different hospital. No waiting, no messing around, excellent service.

And even better - no steroid injection, I'm starting acupuncture on Monday. It worked brilliantly for Ollie, I'm looking forward to finding out firsthand what we put the Hairy One through!

All this means I "lost" two half days to these appointments and my hip hurt like h*ll after Monday and Tuesday's digging sessions, so Digging Week has been suspended and replaced by Painting Week (which was scheduled for next week).

Inside of shed -



Unfortunately there's a problem with the roof support which has started to sag and Patersons are replacing it and beefing it up. I cannot start to fill the shed until the work is done, darn and drat.


  1. You could have a party in in there now!

  2. 'Fraid not, once I've got it full of all the garden and DIY stuff there won't be much room for partying {giggle}.

  3. I know it's not in your nature but sounds as if you should be resting. Then you will be fully fit to tackle digging, planting, painting and all the other incredibly physical stuff you seem to contantly be doing on your patch!

  4. Sarm m'dear, thank you, but ... how long have you known me?

    When are you and your tribe going to have a holiday in Cumbria? I could even arrange to borrow a couple of large Hairy Four Paws for E.

  5. It's looking good, I hope they manage to sort the saggy roof, at least it's sagged straight away and not waited until you'd filled the place up!

    I hope the acupuncture helps.

  6. Hope you feel better soon! How frustrating not to be out in the garden at this time of year. I planted out Ollies sunflowers this week, they are getting really big and healthy now!

  7. Ohh that hip sounds nasty. I hope the acupuncture relieves it. Sheds shouldn't sag as soon as built. I'm glad the company are coming back to sort the problem out.

  8. Thanks all, hip not too bad and there are many folk who have to live with much worse. At least I know this will get fixed and isn't something I have to live with forever. Of course, if I hadn't waited quite so long to go to the doctor .....

    Shed roof is now thoroughly reinforced, advantage of having it build by a local family firm the other side of the valley is that someone was here to inspect it within 15 minutes of my phoning to say "err, sorry guys, we've got a little problem ..."

  9. "I know it's not in your nature but sounds as if you should be resting"
    HA HA HA HA! Sorry. Ahem.

    Can you not go to the same most excellent acupuncturist who gave Ollie so much relief? {*runs away!}

    Glad that shed hiccup is easily resolved - and I think you should be undertaking a ceremonial dance between you and the CD player and a paintbrush, given that we cannot join in!

  10. Hazel, if I didn't love you, then a small smack would be forthcoming! Sarum has known me since we were 9 years old, she should know better.

    I'd love to go to Ollie's a/p but she is only licensed to treat 4-legs; bwwwaaaaaa.

    Shed is nearly full - too hot and too busy to update blog, will rectify tomorrow {gg}

  11. Sorry to hear your not 100% fighting fit. Maybe time to do some stitching or pottering about in the greenhouse, but there again I can't imagine you pottering.

  12. What is this pottering thing? Is it anything to do with flowerpots?


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