Sunday, 23 May 2010

Day Off?

So ridiculously hot - and we are still in May. Not getting too excited - looking back at this time last year it seems the weather did pretty much the same thing in 2009 - and we all know where that summer ended up.

Relaxing day, our friend James came to visit and his presence, coupled with furnace-like heat meant that nothing was done except chatting, sitting around in the hope that squirrels might show up to be photographed, and consumption of much excellent cheese!

Until 4.00pm when J. left and it cooled down a bit. Potted up the big Hay Racks with the Aldi bedding plants (which are surprisingly decent).

Took a [frost] risk and put out some French Marigolds in the potager, and a few Ollie's Sunflower, but they could survive a cold night.

Watered all the raised beds, and after dinner, cut the grass. Mower is back from WMP and working brilliantly.

The mowing regime continues to avoid the lovely Dactylorhiza fuchsii of which we now have five!


  1. Did i miss tis post or is it slotted inbetween the others?

    Your hayracks look great. I will miss having baskets etc this summer as I deliberately didn't grow any pot plants this year in order to avoid heatig the greenhouse. I shall look forward to regular updates on yours instead.

  2. Angela, I don't always post "in order". I publish things on the date I did them, like this morning - I posted something with Monday's date but I didn't get it finished until today.

    This one got published about Tuesday (I think) ... I recommend Google Reader to keep track of blogs, I'd be quite lost without it.


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