Monday, 3 May 2010

Bank Holiday weekend

Whoosh, where does time go? How come it is already May? This weekend rushed up and caught us unawares but Management and I are both tired and we've not done much. Saturday got rained off, Sunday was glorious and I went to two NGS Open Gardens however by Monday we were back to usual.

When we moved into Bag End the garden was not safe for Ollie. We had the paddock fencing put up very quickly and it has been excellent but our ideas have moved on a little. After much debating over the past few weeks we decided to "get on with it" and a couple of hours later the view has changed - again! We can reuse all of the timber in other places.

We're moving the gate to the top of the steps and carrying the fence straight across to the house. We'll leave access up the grass for the time being because my days of pushing barrows of cow muck up a steep slope are not yet over.

This has opened up the potager area beautifully and made it feel much more connected to the front of the house, we're really pleased with how it all looks.

That wasn't enough for one day so I made a start on the long bed next to the potager - the Nectar Bar. Same as Friday - dug it over by hand and then got the Mantis out. It still needs a second dig and then I'll fit the timber edging and move a ton or so of cow muck (up the slope, of course!)

Apart from watering and general TLC, nothing accomplished in the greenhouse this weekend but I must get on with more seed sowing and some of the seedlings already need potting on - top growers so far are the Brampton Butternut and Pumpkin closely followed by Ollie's Sunflower.

The shallots and new potatoes are also growing really well.

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