Monday, 31 May 2010

Au Revoir

It cannot have escaped anyone's notice that Hobbit has been working rather hard recently.

It's time for a little vacation and the Bag End blog is going on its holidays.

Au Revoir.


  1. Have a good rest, look forward to your return.

  2. You deserve it.....have fun, and time to rest and relax....

  3. Is that a Loweswater calendar?

    If your going away, rather than taking a break from blogging, I hope it's somewhere nice and that you have someone very reliable to look after all your plants.

  4. Given the sheer amount of green stuff fighting its way out of the greenhouse I think it's a break well deserved.

    Shame that I shall miss being kept abreast of your Bag End antics, but with so much to do updating a blog consumes valuable time.

    Relax and chill a little - yummy veggies are not too far away now!

  5. Look forward to hearing about your adventures when the blog picks up again.

  6. Au revoir for now, hobbit - look forward to seeing you again soon. xx

  7. have a terrific break. I've finally caught up on your last 23 posts (written in as many days) and have concluded you've had no sleep at all the last 3 weeks or have managed to warp space and time to double the length of your days! You certainly deserve a holiday!
    Happy belated birthday wishes too. N x

  8. Have a wonderful time. I love your calendar!


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