Friday, 16 April 2010

The View From

This was the view from our dining hall, Management and I have always felt it was something of a wasted opportunity.

As changing the door completely would cost far too many beer vouchers we've had the glass changed instead. Huge improvement and the old stuff is now stacked in the garden in case I find a horticultural use for it.

This was the view from our en suite, another wasted opportunity and ruddy freezing in winter because the elderly unit had failed and a howling gale came through the window whenever the wind got up.


Guess I can no longer prevaricate about ordering a new bathroom suite 'cos the plumber and plasterer can now start their part of the job.


  1. Looking good, you're right, you can't waste views like those!

  2. What a difference a day (and a few panes of glass) makes. You're right, those views are much too nice to waste.

  3. So different (and improved) in the dining hall with the new glass!

    Bit worried about the en suite clear glass, tho' - you'll need to have a blind unless you want to show off to everyone in the nuddy! {gg}

  4. Panic not Hazel, my modesty {gg} is in no danger. A blind has been ordered, and unless the light is on you would be hard pushed to see anything from the road anyway.

  5. So now you've got a really clear view of the van in the river . . . or have they removed it??

  6. Silly girl! They removed it, eventually!


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