Sunday, 18 April 2010

Unexpected Progress

I thought we were having a quiet Sunday. Management thought it was as good a time as any to put roofing felt on the Log Store.

Our larch-lap roof did extremely well considering we'd never built anything like this before and the roof did not leak until sometime in February.

We resisted the inclination to tip everything out of the Log Store, build a partition and do all sorts of other messing around and by staying focused had the new felt on and secure within a couple of hours (that's work time - elapsed time was considerably more as neighbours came to have a look at the greenhouse and we had lots of other interruptions).

Wayne worked here all day and has made a wonderful job of the first raised bed.

Keith surprised us by turning up with his welding kit and some brackets we had asked for. The balcony now has four big hay rack baskets which hopefully will survive being fully exposed to the sun and wind. " Site meeting" agreed that a 5th basket on the end of the balcony would look good so I've ordered another one from Amazon and Keith's gone off to make two more brackets.

Of course, we can't just put some touch-up paint on the areas affected by welding. Nah, that would be too simple. Fortunately we still have a lot of dark green Hammerite in the garage; rubbing down the metalwork and painting it all has been added to the never-ending-list-of-jobs-at-Bag-End but needs to be done quickly because once the baskets are filled they will be far too heavy to move for painting.

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  1. Lovely baskets Bilbo, they'll be a treat once they're in flower. As someone who has experience with baskets in full sun, my advice is to line them with plastic and don't put drainage holes in. We used buckets last year with no drainage holes, worked a treat!


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