Monday, 19 April 2010

Seeds Anyone?

Just a quickie - I have a small supply of some home-saved seeds that is in excess of our our requirements. They are:

Brampton Butternut - well, that's what I am calling it. This BNS came from Eva's Organics in Brampton, Cumbria, from whom I used to get a weekly veg box. It was the best BNS we have ever eaten, firm sweet flesh, not too huge.

Bag End Pumpkin (as christened by Hazel). From same source, a beautiful round Jack O'Lantern type, lovely firm flesh, great flavour.

Ollie's Sunflower - the birds kindly sowed some seeds for us last year and two huge plants grew at the front in what is now the bulb bed. They are about 1 metre high, multi-headed and very wind resistant. The plants flowered for the first time the day that Ollie died.

I am happy to share this seed because as long as it is grown, our darling boy will not be forgotten but please, only ask for some if you know you will sow it.


  1. Oh yes please! I would like a couple of Ollie's sunflower! what a lovely idea. I will email you. Matron xx

  2. If you have any to spare, please may I have a couple of Ollie's sunflower? I'd love some BNS too, but don't think it'd grow in a pot would it?

  3. I've just realised that I didn't credit you for your seeds on my post - and you did cotton on that the sunflowers sown were Ollie's, didn't you?

  4. Hazel - silly girl - credit NOT needed. I knew as soon as I read your planting list that you had used my seeds, and YOUR blog post was the catalyst for my offering extras here. Hope they grow well for you.


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