Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Seed sorting

Cold and blustery here today, and I spent it trying to sort out way too many seed packets, being ruthless about those which, if I am not going to grow and cannot give away, I will bin, and sorting the rest into 'sowing month' which makes the pile look rather less daunting.

This wonderful organisational idea is courtesy of Hazel, so simple but so effective. The pot on the left is everything already sown, the box in the middle is waiting and the pot on the right will be off to a new home tomorrow.

This really should have not taken all day but it did - combination of Hobbit inability to stay focused this week, family visiting in the afternoon and Wayne The Builder here all day making great progress on the big raised planters. The flagstones have to be repointed and the newly rendered areas need dashing but then he's finished.

I've finally figured out how I want to put the trellis to enable clematis and honeysuckle to work their way over the canopy.

The stupid half wall at the bottom of the steps is no more and eventually the tarmac patch will get nice and dirty and blend in much better! The heather is constantly covered in huge bumble bees, too many to count.


  1. Looks very nice. Can't wait to see them planted up.

  2. thank you Fairy Seedmother - your gardening goody box arrived this morning. I'll especially look forward to sowing a little bit of Bag End in Gloucester

  3. Fairy Seedmother - giggle, I've been called many things but never that. Thank you!


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