Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Scrappy Day

It was a scrappy, messy day full of stops, starts and interruptions and I didn't get anywhere near the greenhouse staging.

What I did get, however, was this fabulous view and more fence along the very front of the plot.

When I cut the grass it will all look rather smart and sets the potager off a treat! As with the other front fence (around the corner) it will be covered with windbreak netting to give us some visual screening when we attack the remaining escallonia.

Not sure how something so apparently simple as a straight bit of fence can require so many questions but the day was what it was .....

When I did get a few minutes to myself I planted up Red Sun and Golden Gourmet Shallots.

Yes, they are in a greenhouse inside the greenhouse, a £9.99 bargain from a local "pound shop". I am quite sure that outside and subjected to wind and rain it would last no time at all but that is not why I bought it. The temperature is forecast to fall to -2 tonight and this will give them extra protection and it was much, much easier to set up than a little chamber of bubble wrap. The jury is still out as to whether I'll go outside later with our incredibly ingenious "tea light candle in a baked bean tin" localised form of greenhouse heating!


  1. tea light candle in a baked bean tin? - that is inspired!

  2. It's just like having double glazing in the greenhouse really isn't it?

    When I read the title on this post I thought, for one mad moment, that you meant fabric scraps. Have I got a one-track mind do you think?

  3. Thanks Matron, will post about it properly later.

    Quilt Sue, no dear - not a one-track mind, more like wishful thinking on my behalf!

    Hope the postie brings you both a little envelope this morning :}


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