Monday, 19 April 2010

Not so much "Green Dot" as "Red Letter"

This lovely weather continues and despite a chilly breeze, Monday afternoon was definitely time to get out into the garden. Planting things - real gardening - quite an unusual experience but a very enjoyable one!

The Marshmello strawberry runners from Flummery and Rhubarb plants bought last year are both ready to go in the ground

Flummery kindly sent me 15 runners - knowing I needed 14 for the raised bed there was one extra in case I had a death in the family. All the plants have thrived so I am experimenting with the 15th plant in the greenhouse.

Last Autumn Hazel sent me two wonderful bulbs of garlic which should have been planted around October. You may remember it rained in October - every single flippin' day, and it will be a long while before anyone forgets what happened on 19th November .... So the garlic did not get planted and has sat in the beer fridge ever since.

It has remained firm and recently began to sprout, therefore I am going completely against conventional advice and following a suggestion in this 1955 gardening book. Mr Shewell-Cooper reckons you can plant garlic in March for a July harvest. I'm a bit late but he was in the south of England and I'm in the frozen north! One of two things will happen - it will succeed or it will not - and either way it uses some of the spare room in the rhubarb bed.

I'm a bit concerned about the rhubarb - does this look like it is busy trying to go to seed?


  1. Looks like your rhubarb's trying to flower, we just cut flower stalks off. Nice to be doing some real gardening :o)

  2. Thanks SewAli, I suspected as much so will cut the stalk off this morning.


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