Sunday, 11 April 2010

Musn't Grumble

Really must not grumble; this is a wonderful place and 99% of the time I love what we are doing here, even if it is flippin' hard work. I do, however, reserve the right to mutter darkly under my breath on occasions. This weekend was one of those occasions.

For reasons which do not matter here, Management's Easter holiday got seriously Horlixed and we did not get into the garden until this weekend. Thanks to exceptional weather and Management's determination, great progress was made with the greenhouse. . .

Which would have been completely finished if it were not for the idiots shipping toughened glass for Elite who have sent us FIVE pieces which are the wrong size. Of course, you don't find this out until late on Sunday afternoon when there is no-one open and no chance of getting replacements.

At the risk of embarrassing him completely, I want it understood that Management has built this greenhouse, not me. My involvement has been to hold things, pass spanners and make coffee. Whilst it has not been particularly difficult, this is a very big g/h and there's been a huge amount of work, but not once has he complained. Not even yesterday when he picked up one of the largest sheets of glass and as he lifted it towards the roof it shattered - all over him. Do you know how many thousands of tiny bits of toughened glass you get when a 5' x 2' sheet disintegrates? If ever there was a reason to spend extra £££ on toughened glass, this is it. He was not hurt - a couple of miniscule nicks on his forearm. It took a little longer to get over the shock . . .

Thank you sweetie, I really do appreciate all you do, honest :}


  1. Looking fab-u-lous I must say. Well done Management!

  2. It looks great. I got my own little Elite greenhouse last month and I’m generally very happy with it (the automatic windows are a must have), the other morning it got up to 33 degrees C in there before 11am. However, beware the door catch/lock, as I was giving a tour to my mother and gran who pulled the door shut 'to keep the heat in' and the catch came down and trapped us all in their for 45 minutes the other day. Unbelievably embarrassing and lucky it was a cloudy day or we would have been re-enacting a scene from Tenko. At one point the postman came and completely ignored the fact that there were three people shouting and waving at him from a greenhouse 10 feet away, git! We only got out by making a little lasso of wire, threading it through a tiny gap at the top of the door and fishing for the latch, finally managing to pull it up 40 minutes later. Also be aware that if you have one of the manual opening windows the arm isn’t very stiff and may bend under the weight of the window to the point that it pops off the latch and slams the window down inches from your face – scared the hell out of me the other day – I am going to get an extra auto-opening kit for that window. Apart from that loving the greenhouse 

  3. Having seen how long it takes a professional to set up a much smaller greenhouse than yours I'm full of admiration for what Management has achieved.

  4. Mmmmm let me think Managements done a fab job this week end frustrations and all but I seem to remember Bilbo is a very good cook. Just think ahead to all those scrummy meals made from you own home grown ingredients.

  5. Alex, thank you for the advice, much appreciated. Especially the bit about getting trapped . . . gulp . . . rural location, no-one around much of the time!

    Angela, the boy did good!

    Sarum, thanks m'dear {smile}

  6. Next door is building his own conservatory so imagine that! He says I nag him as much as his wife as to when he will finsish it!

  7. Well done Management, I know first hand how much work is involved in erecting a large greenhouse, and ours was only polycarbonate rather than the much heavier glass. I wonder if the 5x2 sheet of glass that shattered was the one weakened by the ominous cracking noise on delivery? Thank goodness no major injuries. I bet you're going to have it bursting at the seams with seedlings the second it's finished :o)

  8. Brilliant work, Management! You had an integral role too, Bilbo. It looks great.


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