Friday, 16 April 2010

More labouring

I thought this week would be like Easter and that having workmen on site would mean that I couldn't get much done myself, but thankfully this was not the case.

Moved the remainder of the limestone chips into the lower section of the greenhouse. Levelled the soil in the top section as much as possible, covered it with black membrane, positioned concrete pads for the staging legs and filled it all with lovely bark chips. Didn't expect it to take all day but at Bag End jobs take as long as they take ...

The first mug of tea in that chair tasted so good ...

What I wanted to do was make the legs for the g/house staging but the window chaps turned up a day earlier than expected to do the ensuite and dining hall and Wayne was here to continue digging out for our big raised beds. Emptied the remainder of the bark chips onto the potager paths and then had two empty bulk bags available. Spent all afternoon shifting the remaining cow manure from the driveway and finally - after nearly a year - it's all gone! Four bags now stored under the big tarp until I want to use them.

Once the bricks and blocks for our raised beds have been used the driveway will be clear of "stuff" and we'll be able to park the cars without having to negotiate obstacles for the first time in ages.

Not surprisingly, completely exhausted. Had to wait in for the replacement greenhouse glass to arrive (that would be the delivery promised for Wednesday - Elite might make great g/h's but parts of their customer service setup leave a lot to be desired). It did eventually arrive, and thankfully the packages were not making a tinkly broken sound.


  1. Looks like it's been a busy week at Bag End with loads of progress.

  2. wow that's a greenhouse and a half. You'll be able to feed the whole village with all the lovely produce you'll be growing!

  3. It looks great already. Certainly a busy week.

  4. I notice you've moved a chair into the new g/h - I'd be so utterly delighted that I'd have slept in it by now! {gg}.

    I'll bet you'll be glad to have your drive back again too.

    Oh and can you stop posting three days hard graft all at once in one entry? Makes the rest of us feel tired just reading!

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments - except Hazel {{giggle}} who has merited a private reply for being cheeky about 3 days worth of activity in one entry!

  6. I'm with Hazel here, I feel exhausted now and I've only just got up!


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