Thursday, 15 April 2010

A little bit of hard landscaping, 3

The footings are in.

Slight moment of concern as I turned my back whilst Keith (of steel frames and welding fame) was working. I looked at the bed on the driveway and found he had filled all of the hole with rapidly setting concrete. His idea of gardening is that plants "just need 6" of soil and the poor man truly could not understand why I was unhappy about having the bottom of my raised bed filled with a solid, impervious sand and cement mix . . . sigh. Working on the basis that the customer is right, even when she is clearly insane, he dug it out again.

All the rubbish has been taken away . . .

Apart from the fact that Wayne has a excellent reputation for the work he does and he's a very pleasant chap to have on site, it would almost be worth employing him for how well he and his mate Keith clear up.

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  1. Following on from previous post... Mess???? What mess! Very short-lived by the looks of it, and you'll soon have the brickwork done and have it filled with something scented and colourful.

    Nice to finally have some "bit sized" projects.

    Hopefully I can raid some of that Lonicera later today.


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