Monday, 12 April 2010

A little bit of hard landscaping, 1

Management and I don't feel compelled to do everything ourselves. When a good builder is available - use him!

Hazel wanted to know what all the bricks are for - remember the canopy we had built last year? It needs big solid raised beds around its legs so that I can plant climbers and create some shade. Hopefully the local wildlife will appreciate native honeysuckle and whatever else grows here.

In between the garage doors is a nice flat bit of wall that is begging for a wisteria to cover it. Another raised bed is planned for here, but we also have to do some work to add a gutter to the balcony above.

Whilst the angle grinder was available we are having this stupid bit of wall removed. It serves no apparent purpose and makes it difficult for visitors to see how to get to the door.


  1. Ah, the fragrant scent of Lonicera wafting around you as you relax watching the sun set with a large glass of something refreshing on a fine summer's evening - does it get any better?

    Now that the sap is well and truly rising I must try and acquire a couple of cuttings of a particularly fine Lonicera specimen for your perusal.

    Your bees are going to be so happy!

  2. I really should have worked out that the deep beds were next on the list! Hope the brickies have had a fine day & look forward to piccies. Does the odd bit of wall provide some shelter, or something? Somewhere to hide your brolly?

  3. James - very kind of you,especially when you are so busy yourself, honeysuckle cuttings ALWAYS welcome, thanks!

    Hazel, the "odd bit of wall" is just odd!

    Angela - and you're surprised? [ha ha ha]


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