Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Nothing very picture-worthy but a satisfying amount done today. I'm going to use the lovely cedar staging from our Alton greenhouse (which is still in the garage) for the new g/h but needed timber for the legs. The nice chaps at Travis Perkins cut it all to length for me and loaded the car. The nice chaps in B&Q put multi-purpose compost on a trolley for me and loaded the car!

Wanted to be outside this afternoon but too brain-dead to do anything which required thinking so I moved the huge pile of timber that has been dividing the raised beds from the rest of the lawn. I plan to use a lot of it soon so it's now where I will need it rather than halfway across the garden, (plan - there's that dangerous word again ....)

Covered the lower section of greenhouse floor with black membrane and shifted countless barrow-loads of limestone chips to cover it. Having a missing pane of glass in the end wall has proved extremely useful as I was able to chuck the stone exactly where I needed it straight out of the barrow. Not quite finished but as I was making a start on roughly levelling it out, I realised I had serendipitously created a small piece of Karesansui. I'll be able to have hours of fun raking it when I have nothing else to do.


  1. Sounds like a very productive day, you're building things at a frightening rate, we won't recognise the place next time we visit!

  2. Nice to see the great British shopworker actually giving great service for once - although I think you were lucky rather than there having been a national dawning of realisation that this is what the customer wants, and the customer pays the wages...

    Had to look up Karensansui! You'll be after a Buddha & a golden temple soon, but please don't you take up bonsai - it always seems so cruel, somehow!

  3. SewAli, thanks - after two years of destruction I reckon we're allowed some productive days every now and again, but you & lumberjack don't exactly sit and admire your own view, do you?

    Hazel, have to say that this sort of service is normal here.

    Don't worry - never any bonsai - I agree, totally cruel. Poor plant is desperately trying to do what nature intended and some hooligan with a pair of nail scissors keeps attacking it. Horrible way to treat plants.

    No golden temples, we'll keep to lumps of slate and wood as garden ornaments {smile}

  4. What was that strange phrase, "nothing else to do" Can't see that happening myself!

  5. when I have nothing else to do

    A few choice phrases came to mind involving cold and hell when I saw this statement.

    I await with interest to see the day you have nothing to do. I know how big that garden is and how much fabric you have in your cupboards just waitng to be turned into quilts.

  6. In the middle of your raked gravel you need a rock, chosen for its intrinsic sense of calm (and for falling over!)
    I don't think I've quite got the hang of Japanese gardening.)


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