Saturday, 17 April 2010

Hurrah for Management!

Management's week - leave home 5.00am Monday, train to London, away for four nights. Mid-morning train back on Friday on which he had to stand all the way from Euston to Carlisle because the train was packed with people who had expected to be on an aeroplane, Icelandic volcanoes reach far and wide . . .

Management's Saturday - I told him to chill out and have a complete rest but he decided The Greenhouse Was Going To Be Finished. We fitted the replacement glass, what felt like a gazillion glazing bar covers, tweaked and tightened bolts, and at around 5.00pm the job was declared done and dusted ... what a star that man is.

There are a couple of areas where we want to put more capping but it can wait, for now the frame and glass is secure.

He celebrated by collapsing into a bath. I celebrated by starting to prune the overgrown shrubs along the border between us and our neighbour. Am glad to say that with thick gloves and very sharp Felco secateurs, it was Hobbit 1, Bramble 0.

The ground elder however, is a completely different matter . . .


  1. Well done that man - what a hero. It looks very impressive, and I look forward to seeing what starts appearing in there once the staging has been assembled.

    Managed to get onions, carrots and some radishes in yesterday, so we will see what happens with those.

  2. The greenhouse looks utterly splendid. You are an inspiration.

    Is the volcano giving you any trouble?

  3. James - thank you, look forward to showing you around in person! BTW, following our conversation earlier it is your fault I stopped in Wilko's just now and bought a couple of bags of shallot sets ....

    Penny - just a little, thanks for asking. Mgt had to stand on the train all the way home on Friday - 4½ hours - because it was packed with people who could not fly, and this week he is planning on driving to a meeting where he'd normally get a train.

  4. Exciting times ahead. Now will you get to the end of the week without starting something growing in the greenhouse, I'm betting not.

  5. Oustanding looking greenhouse, and how civilised to have a proper chair in there - something my own modest little greenhouse really needs. Unfourtuneately I can't fit both a chair and my fat arse into the GH at the same time. Would love to hear if you come up with any effective measure for eradicating ground elder though.

  6. Angela, as of 4.00pm on Monday the g/h had a tub containing a green growing thing!

    Alex, thank you. The chair will have to go - it was a joke that I could not resist but once (if??) I get tomatoes and cucumber going (suspect I am leaving it a bit late to get started) the lower area is where large tubs will stand.

    Ground elder? Hmm, napalm? As I will not use any chemicals at Bag End, you don't need a crystal ball to see lots of digging in my future.

  7. Good luck with the ground elder Bilbo, I fear it's beaten me in our garden. What a hero Management is, you've got a magnificent greenhouse and a great man :o).

  8. Hurrah for Management. So what's going to be the first crop to come from the greenhouse?


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