Monday, 26 April 2010

Here's something you don't see everyday

Call from Management who is in his study (which has a window overlooking the Bag End Buffet) "two squirrel having a fight over a hazelnut"

I missed that spectacle but decided to nip outside to the back of the house and see what was going on. Er, umm, er, yes, "goings on" indeed. Had not taken the time to put the big lens on camera so these are pretty naff but it is possible that I witnessed the making of more squirrels . . .

Well, it is "that" time of year and all that.

Later, I could hear a squirrel nibbling away on a hazelnut. After slipping around the back of the log store and squeezing past a VERY prickly berberis, I ended up hiding behind a large silver birch. This beautiful creature knew perfectly well I was only 15 feet away from it but figured I was no threat and kept eating.

Last week I came out of the greenhouse and startled a Red who was firtling around in front of the log store. All these incidents have made us realise there is probably much more squirrel activity in the garden that we tend to witness, given that most of the time we're just looking out of the kitchen window. Must give thought to how we can set things up so make it easy to watch them in different parts of the garden.


  1. Apologies for not commenting very much these last two weeks, but you know why!

    Lovely squirrel picture with the nut - their paws are amazingly like hands. May I enquire as the the focal length of the lens used there, and how soon should I drop my 400mm off? I can see that you are going to build up a fantastic squirrel photo repository over the coming years {g}

  2. Evening sir, and many congrats to you!

    300 at f5.6, virtually no cropping - I was very, very close.

    Your 400 that I have declined the loan of in the past? Hmm, would now be pleased to take it off your hands at your earliest convenience {{{GGG}}}

    As for the photo repository - remember you don't see all the out of focus naff ones!

  3. I know some people say they are just rodents really, but I think squirrels are so cute. You may soon have a squirrel nursery there. Your close up photo is wonderful.

  4. Sue, don't confuse our beautiful native reds with the "tree rats" which are the introduced greys from America.

    And anytime you are feeling kindly towards a grey squirrel, have a look at a picture of a Red dying from the squirrel pox which is carried by the greys

  5. Wow. Fantastic pictures. Where exactly can they be seen? I mean the red squirrels? :O)

  6. Hello Seedparade, Reds are still completely wild so there are never any guarantees however I've always been lucky at the Osprey viewpoint on Dodd.

    Parking and a good cafe here:

    It is quite a steep walk, however, to the viewing area, couple of miles each way and decent footwear required.

    and you can visit this whilst you're at the location


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