Thursday, 22 April 2010

Greenhouse Staging

I knew it would be a big job . . . but . . . Didn't get started yesterday until noon, an appointment first thing followed by the obligatory faffing around inside and on the computer meant a 12.00 start, and that led to a 7.00pm finish (there were food and drink breaks!) It was a very long, hot day - I'd forgotten how tiring it can be to work inside a sunny glasshouse therefore some shading went up rather sooner than I had expected.

I've used the benches from our Alton cedar greenhouse and added fairly robust legs of 2" x 2". The Alton staging bolts to the g/h frame, this has to be freestanding.

I have made the benches 36" high which is much more than the norm. I have a clear and painful recollection of spending far too long pricking out seedlings about 3 years ago and the staging was far too low to be comfortable, and at the end of it all I wanted to do was spray the entire garden with napalm . . . the plants won't mind being an additional 6" above sea level and it gives more room underneath.

Some of the free slate from Wednesday found a use under the legs where the original concrete blocks turned out not to be as level as I had thought {gg}.

An 8.00am start today means that it was finished to the accompaniment of John Humphries grilling some hapless politician, Radio 4 in the morning and Classic FM in the afternoon.

The gap is for a water tank which needs cleaning and a hole sealing before it can be put in place. It will be nice to have a small supply of water to dip a jug into which is at an ambient temperature for seedlings and it might also act as a heat sink during the day (which is why it is on the sunniest side).

It may NEVER look this tidy again!


  1. It WILL never be this tidy again! Looking very good now though.

  2. Morning Flum, 2 hours later you will be pleased to hear I have trashed it! Filled lots of pots with compost and left them on the bench to warm up. Appt. this afternoon and hope to sow the seeds when I get back.

  3. Very pleased to hear it. A tidy greenhouse is the sign of a sick mind!

  4. Looking good.

    I bet that old staging would have been just the right height for me.

  5. Mmm it seems the bigger the greenhouse the more clutter - that is definitely the case with ours.

  6. Flummery - a tidy greenhouse is the one 24-hour period per year when you've tidied up .... but it never lasts

    Angela - you can stand on a box when you come!

    GLA - clutter, surely not? It is all terribly essential important "stuff" :}

  7. Corrrr, is all I can say. It really looks the business.

  8. I am in awe of what you can get done by yourself.

  9. QuiltSue, SewAli, thank you both. It is nowhere near the standard achieved by Mr Lumberjack on that amazing decking but "it's only a greenhouse" and my first attempt at anything like this so I'm fairly pleased with the outcome!

  10. I get so jealous of other peoples lovely new greenhouses. The glass looks so clear and bright. Mine is covered in moss and algae. I really need a new one! love yours! PS sunflower seeds arrived yesterday. Thank you.xx

  11. Thanks Matron, glad the seeds arrived. Should I have sent a bottle of windowlene instead {giggle}. Think of your moss & algae as "shading in situ", far more useful than gleaming panes.


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