Saturday, 24 April 2010

Greenhouse Heating

A 16' x 8' greenhouse is big. A 16' x 8' greenhouse which needs heating is a very big!

Management and I did some "back of an old envelope" sums and concluded that the heat generated from a tea light or two should be enough to raise the temperature of a small area just a degree or two and at this time of year, that should be enough. The cost of burning 2 or 4 tea lights per night will be far less than buying a greenhouse heater and running it, whether we use electric or paraffin.

The original plan was for a candle inside an old tin, then on a bit of slate for safety. Not being an eater of baked beans, tins are in short supply so the candles went directly onto stone, seems to have worked OK and when I remove the plastic covers first thing it is definitely slightly warmer inside than out. The theory is that by the time I have too many plants to fit into these little shelters the risk of frost might be over ...

The shallots don't seem to have done anything yet, but apparently they sit quietly for quite some time getting busy in the root department before making any top growth.

Had a lazy day today and drove around local nurseries. West Cumbria is not over-endowed with garden centres but we do have a couple which are excellent. I was very restrained and whilst I could have happily come home with a car full of wisteria, clematis and more, I restricted purchases to these geraniums and ivy for the balcony Hay Racks (buying ivy - how insane is that?).

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  1. Hi Bilbo
    I am really impressed with your greenhouse with in a greenhouse way of rasing plants. Would you mind if I post your pictures and comments in a section on my blog. I would also like to post it on grow your own forum.
    Regards Steve aka Mr Tomato King


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