Monday, 5 April 2010


Not the best Bank Holiday, the weather couldn't make up its mind if it was winter, spring or summer and on a couple of occasions it was all three in the same day.

Domestic morning, moved cow muck in the afternoon into two empty bulk bags which had been saved. Still not managed to clear the drive.

Good Friday
No gardening but Mr Photo called in to bring me some poppy seeds from a glorious plant which I admired in his garden last summer. It was great to wander around the garden with him as nearly a year has passed since his last visit and he gave Management and I much encouragement as he could really see the difference we had made.

Easter Sunday
A bit cold and windy but dry, Management is determined to make progress with the greenhouse frame, bless him. When I did my emergency bolting I managed to secure the greenhouse in the wrong place - by about half a centimetre which doesn't sound much but had to be fixed. A successful day but frustrating because a couple of the nylock nuts did their job rather too well and jammed half way up the thread of the bolts, eventually having to be cut off when all other attempts to remove them failed.

Sadly, during once such attempt Management managed to squash one of my fingers between the frame and a spanner - he is waiting to see how black the nail goes and whether it falls off. I'm waiting for the throbbing pain to stop . . .

Easter Monday
Definitely no gardening today, heavy rain, high winds, garden furniture blown over. There was a little sewing, starting to make a couple of test blocks for a quilt I've been thinking about for a couple of years.


  1. I like the test block, that's going to be a very pretty quilt. Ouch on the finger!

  2. Thanks SewAli, lots of cream and pastel prints - such a sensible quilt for Bag End (not!). Could be stitching myself up - there are also a great number of plain spaces which are going to need Proper Quilting ...

  3. Ouch on the finger indeed - although it looks like it hasn't stopped you wielding a needle in anger!

    Sounds you are further forward with the g/h - every step, however small, is one towards the goal, and all that.


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