Friday, 9 April 2010


Very slow going, the ground is absolutely full of ivy root but I keep telling myself that it only has to be done once if I do it properly ....

but a whole afternoon to clear about a metre is less progress than I would prefer to make. On the positive side, there are very few other weeds and the ground is currently in great condition for digging.

Am thinking of a quick slit trench at the front of the larch slab edging, filled with a long piece of the same damp-course membrane as I used inside the raised beds it might slow down the remaining ivy root which is bound to want to grow right back where I've just removed it from.


  1. At least it isn't infested with dreaded ground elder. Not sure that DPC membrane will provide much resistance to a determined ivy root. What about some corrugated metal shuttering pushed down instead? You could Hammerite it to give it a longer life (of maybe find some that's galvanised).

    The 1 metre a day progress will soon be forgotten once it's bursting with colour (and nectar).

  2. S'OK James - we've got ground elder as well - just not in this bed (probably one of the only places the damn stuff isn't rampant).

    Metal shuttering would work, but I already have rolls of DPC in the garage ...

  3. Membrane is a good idea. However, once the ground's been sorted, any new ivy growth will just pull out once a year (and you can use the long strands for weaving a basket!)

    And, darn it, my chickens don't like ground elder!

  4. Thanks Flummery, eventually the whole bed will be "dealt with" and that should sort 99% of the ivy.

    As for the Rock Chicks - what do you mean "don't like ground elder" . . . they're chickens aren't they? I reckon you've spoilt them with all the good stuff so they think normal weeds are beneath them.

  5. The people before us put in some ivy and I've not forgiven them as I have to keep pulling it up year after year as it is so invasive.

  6. I like the idea of a barrier to stop roots coming right back at you - but I'm not sure how deep it would have to go down to be effective. As you say, dug & weeded properly once and it should be an easy(ish!) job to keep from being overrun in the future.

  7. Don't get me wrong - I actually like ivy. Management and I have used it in previous gardens to climb up walls and once it's a few years old blackbirds love to nest in it. This stuff, however, is busy trying for world domination in the ground cover department.

  8. There is something about this lovely bright, Spring weather that makes you go out and do heavy work!! Very satisfying.. I have emptied my compost heaps and dug my runner bean trench!

  9. Thanks Matron, you're right. Compost heap here also needs attention!


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