Tuesday, 20 April 2010


This morning "pale tail" was busy clearing up sunflower seeds which had fallen out of the feeder.

Pale tail is without doubt a dumb blonde, with the emphasis on dumb. I watched him/her for quite a while this morning trying (and failing) to work out how to access the hazelnuts. Sadly, my through-the-kitchen-window explanation of "sitting on the lid doesn't work, stupid" did not seem to help. I'll have to cut away more of the front acrylic and make it easier for them - I seem to recall having to do this to the last feeder as well.

I was lying on my stomach (on very cold paving slabs) taking these - s/he knew I was there but didn't seem too bothered by my presence.


  1. Dumb but gorgeous eh? It's amazing that you can know them well enough to recognise individuals. It's the same with chickens!

  2. Hey - I'm blonde too
    You are really lucky to have red squirrels


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