Sunday, 7 March 2010

Weekend Diary

We got a surprising amount done, especially as we didn't set out to do so.

Saturday saw the arrival of two plumbers to look at the en-suite, one of whom is probably the chap we have been looking for, followed by the arrival of new washing machine exactly when it was expected.

I spent a couple of frustrating hours outside after that doing battle with the conifer stump. After both Management and I got into a right mood with it, knackered one of the chainsaw chains and had an argument about using my car to try and pull it out, we retreated and left the stump to live another day.

The excavated hole is much larger than it looks on the picture and the stump is about the thickness of my body ..... we both remembered why we only remove stumps when it is absolutely necessary to do so.

Sunday started with no plan, but suddenly it was mid-afternoon and we had the four main sections of greenhouse frame bolted together. Kudos to Elite for a kit of parts which actually goes together exactly as it is meant to, and to Management for understanding the instructions!

Couldn't resist "playing" and holding the gable end onto the frame - gosh, it's a bloomin' big greenhouse although I am sure it will still not be large enough.


  1. Greenhouse looks huge, but I'm sure that it will look tiny by the time it is filled with staging and plants.

    Frustrating when a photo doesn't reflect the impressiveness of reality, isn't it? Perhaps you should have got in the hole for the photo to give perspective {gg}!

  2. Thanks Hazel, the photo doesn't show that damn conifer stump is on a slope either, so yes, I have been in "the hole" but not deliberately!

  3. Hobbit 0 Stump 2 it is then.

    Great to see that the greenhouse is no match for the combination of a Hobbit and Management though! Have the Royal Mail assigned it its own postcode yet?

  4. You're getting a bit cheeky, Mr James!

    What time will you be here on Sunday to help us finish it?

  5. Did you have to get planning permission to build another house in your garden? (giggle)

  6. Cheeky girl {g}. I did contact the local council and have two nice letters, one saying I don't need PP for the shed, and one saying it is not needed for the g/h, so there!

  7. Looks like it fits anyway :o). I think the others have covered all the cheeky comments this time LOL!


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