Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Time off for good behaviour?

After researching and ordering a new washing machine, paying the credit cards, setting up a new Cash ISA and writing a very satisfying snot-o-gram to the Chief Executive of the AA, I deserved some time off for good behaviour.

Removed the old lawn area which was 6" higher than the soil level on what will be the Yew hedge. Found some chunky bits of larch slab that will be fixed to the bottom of the fence to help keep the soil back, first coat of wood preservative.

The spoil is being used to build up the floor in the greenhouse (will eventually be flattened, covered with black membrane and bark chips).

To finish, a few minutes with the chainsaw. Management was keen that I completely removed the darker of the two conifers which were "re-shaped" at the weekend. He's right - there are other conifers nearer the driveway which will provide shelter for the Yew and it means this poor Viburnum which has been starved of light and air for many years has a chance, I am fairly certain it is V. bodnantense 'Dawn'.

It will need some serious pruning later in the year but now it can flower and enjoy a manure mulch around its toes tomorrow. Stupid place to plant such a fragrant shrub . . .


  1. Only a Hobbit could consider barrowing soil around and wielding a chainsaw as time off for good behaviour.

  2. I suppose when you put it like that ..... {giggle}

  3. V b Dawn is a cracker - the fragrance is a knock-out the flowers aren't so dusty either. It will relish a bit of wriggle room.

  4. Thanks Flummery, any idea about pruning regime (I'm assuming late summer/early autumn - whenever that will be?)

  5. Yes, but you have 2 choices about how to do it. You could cut it hard back to reshape it but you'll lose a year or two's flower - seems a shame. If you're not in a rush, cut back a third or a half of the really long straggly branches really hard. Next year do the same with the others.

  6. Thanks Mrs F. I prefer the sound of Plan B, and I always think only cutting a third or half at a time is less stressful to the plant


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