Saturday, 20 March 2010

Spring Equinox

Day and night are of equal length, a time for leaving Winter behind, for moving forward. Traditionally a festival for the celebration of new life, growth, rebirth

A surprise phone call at breakfast time today asking if we might consider giving a home to a new four-legs. The boy in question is not for us but it was the catalyst for acknowledging something terribly important.

Ollie Boy will always be the dearest Hairy Chap who ever traipsed mud across my newly cleaned carpets and left indelible paw-prints on my heart, but we are ready to start looking for someone else (or two someone elses) to make our family complete again.

It may be a long search, but that's OK. This is important, it will take as long as it takes to get right.


  1. Hurrah - this post has cheered me enormously!

    I do know what a huge step this first one has been for you on this particular journey.

  2. Spring is returning to your hearts, as well. So glad to read this. You will enjoy having someone to help you dig :) Ollie will send the right new hairy chaps your way. If you believe in such things. Are you thinking puppies or grownups? Looking forward to reading more about this.

  3. Hurrah, as Hazel says. Good news indeed. {{Hugs}}

  4. Very good news indeed. Being able to share your life with a hairy person once again will bring its rewards and bring back many more happy memories with the original Mr Hairy.

  5. HURMMMMMPHHHHH. Does this mean less cuddles for me? WOOF

  6. Thanks all, we're not rushing things. The right person (persons) will come to us, that is the way of things. Of course, doing a bit to help matters along - like putting the word out that a rescue Beardie could find a great home at Bag End - cannot hurt!

    Hattie dear - I will always have cuddles for you!

  7. It's as important as finding the right husband! Take your time.


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