Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Special Delivery

Postman brought a wonderful package this morning, James did not send Semtex but generously added nearly 100 snowdrop bulbs to the Bag End flower collection. Thank you so much - a lovely present, and completely unexpected.

The bulbs were getting a bit dry so I had them in the ground within minutes, I will have to erect some shading for them because an exposed raised bed in full sun is not the Galanthus growing site of choice.

Also delivered today - three bulk bags from the local builders' merchant. Two of bark chips and one of limestone chips which turned out to be half the price of the pea shingle I had intended to order.

Once upon a time gardening supplies came home in the back of my car contained in neat bags from B&Q or the garden centre - Bag End requires deliveries on a slightly more industrial scale. At least there are savings to be made - Homebase bark chips are currently £4.69 a bag, 4 for the price of 3, call it £14 for ease. The big bag holds about 30 of these bags which would cost well over £100 and require more than one trip in the car. Bulk bags are £35 delivered.

I would dearly love to be outside using some of this. It is a beautiful Spring day - sunny, warm, no breeze, but I've gone down with the same cold that Management picked up at work and am good for very little other than sitting around unable to concentrate and wondering when the jelly legs will go away :{


  1. You're very welcome - it is my pleasure to be able to add to the Bag End plant stock. It's a minor annoyance having to wait until next February to see them in their glory, but by then I'm sure they'll have a more permanent home {grin}

  2. Oh pooey, I hate colds, fingers crossed this one passes quickly and you can get out to your bags of chippings.


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