Thursday, 11 March 2010


Even though the new timber had been pressure treated, I figured a good coat of creosote would not go amiss. Once the windbreak netting is in place it could be three years before I'm prepared to take it down and that is a long time to leave timber unprotected up here.

There are no photos that could make today's work look anything other than what it was - smelly and dirty; 30m of fence, 4 rails, paint both sides plus posts - that's a quarter of a kilometer of painting! The whole job didn't take as long as I thought and it was quite relaxing to just stand and paint, swoosh, splash, back and forth - good "thinking time".

Made a start on what is now a new bed. Angela has christened the other side of the driveway the 'bulb bed', this will have to be the 'corner bed' (until she or someone else comes up with a better name). Raked up the bits of root, twig and ivy that were laying on the surface, pulled up a few easy ivy roots, moved some of the larger stones and cogitated what to do with this area.


  1. Now I'm assuning that is the other Angela and not me as I don't remember calling it that, or do I need to join my FIL at the memory clinic next week?

  2. Giggle - you're the only Angela leaves comments when she visits so I think it was you, or perhaps all three of us need to go to the memory clinic!

    It was definitely you who recently coined the phrase "construction rather than destruction" and that also made me smile.

  3. Well, whoever it was who christened it 'the bulb bed', I can't wait to see a pic of the shoots coming up - or are you waiting to wow us when they are in bloom in a couple of weeks?

  4. Ooops, sorry Hazel. I was sure I'd posted an update picture, guess I do need that memory clinic!

    We're out there 2 or 3 times a week having a look at progress so I shall share a report with you later {smile}


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