Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Ruddy conifers . . .

After a morning of errands, got outside around 2.00pm. Second coat of creosote on the larch slab and did that side of the fence whilst I had the stuff out. Once the Yew is planted I won't want nasty toxic wood preservative around it.

Made a start trying to remove the stump of the conifer I chopped down yesterday. . . mattock, moving of much soil, working on a slope, not a delightful way to spend a cold couple of hours. Stump really has to go but it's a big b*gger and there will have to be much more digging before I stand any chance of moving it an inch.

Cheerfully abandoned that task to go and help a neighbour with a rowan tree. Previous owners have done a very bad job of pruning this poor thing and left a tangled and choked crown and some crossing branches which were rubbing badly. We've cut out about a third of the tree and much of the wood appears to be rotted inside - not a well tree at all. Cleared the grass from its trunk and donated a barrow-load of the cow muck as a mulch.


  1. So, Hobbit 0 Stump 1

    But I know how determined these Hobbits can be so I think a reversal of fortunes is on the cards.

  2. Yeah, and I think a day off tomorrow is on the cards ...

  3. BilboWaggins said...

    Yeah, and I think a day off tomorrow is on the cards ...

    Yeah, and I'll believe that when I see it!

  4. Crumbs, the Hobbit is so bored with its own garden that it's doing gardening for neighbours as well now LOL! Still, said neighbour might be inclined to return the favour and help you with the tree root ...

  5. They say that variety is the spice of life - enjoy your day doing something different, and come back to the damn conifer stump with renewed vigour!

    PS: Ha ha! Just seen SewAli's comment!

  6. Hear it's delightful in the Lakes today hope your enjoying it one way or another.


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