Saturday, 13 March 2010

Potager Progress

Despite a slow start and countless interruptions I made huge progress on Friday with the raised beds.

Given the ground slopes in two directions I will never have all the beds perfectly levelled but an hour's messing around gave me something I can live with. Swiftly followed by trimming of grass, fixing some battens and lots of black membrane and the spreading of an entire bulk bag of bark chips gives something which looks frighteningly like a real garden!

I don't think for one moment that the battens will stop our ever-increasing Blackbird population from kicking bark all over the lawn but neither Management or I particularly mind. Whilst the birds are happily foraging on the bark paths they will be picking off all sorts of unwelcome guests who would otherwise be tucking into my plants.

To my complete surprise both the rhubarb plants have survived winter in their tubs. I know rhubarb needs vernalisation but these two have had to contend with a mini ice age.

The strawberry runners from Flummery seem to be OK, a couple of new leaves but I hope most of the activity is in the root department.

James' snowdrops perked up considerably after 24 hours in nice damp composty soil and are a constant reminder to me to get the spade out and retrieve some clumps we have found lurking under the shrubbery. If I move them now then they won't accidentally get chopped up if we make a start on clearing the shrubbery area this year.

None of these jobs will be accomplished today or possibly even tomorrow. Both Management and I have given in to the fact that we've got colds, feel knackered, and need a rest.


  1. That really looks a fantastic job. You and Management deserve a good rest and I hope your nasty colds clear up soon.

  2. Wow, wow, wow! Those beds are fabulous - and don't the bark paths set them off a treat?

    Now you just want to get them planted up...

  3. Thanks girls, yes, love the bark paths, they feel great underfoot.

    Champing at bit for g/h to be up but remembering that we've a long way to go before last frost date.

  4. Don't they look beautiful! And even more beautiful when in six months' time they are bristling with tasty veg. Did you manage to get any onion sets? I got some last weekend and may even find time to get them in the ground tomorrow - otherwise they'll have to wait another week.

    Can't wait to see the nectar bar in bloom {nudge}

  5. Nectar bar? Humph, don't I get some time off for good behaviour?

    Glad you got onion sets, I may leave that until next year :{

  6. The difference in the look of that part of the garden is amazing.

    Hope your colds are better soon.

  7. Looks great and you already have stuff growing in them. Next thing we know you'll be showing us a finished greenhouse full of plants as well.

  8. Oh, the beds are professional looking! But laughed at your being surprised the rhubarb survived. It's gets VERY cold here, often -40F with -100F wind chills. Sometimes for days. And I have a thriving bed of rhubarb--everyone here does. Almost a weed!


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