Tuesday, 2 March 2010

No gardening this morning

It doesn't take a genius to see that even I won't be out in the garden this morning.

This is the Universe's way of ensuring that I knuckle down, do paperwork, see if I can track down the plumber and find a new washing machine (can't complain, the one which died yesterday is 9 years old and has washed hundreds of wet, heavy, muddy dog towels).

Also cannot complain when I look at the calendar and see how often I got outside during January and February (green dots).

And the excellent calendar is from the Loweswater Puffins.


  1. That's a very impressive calendar Bilbo, bearing in mind the time of year! Even if we hadn't had snow on the ground, I wouldn't have been outside that much during those two months :o). Another glorious day here, no snow or rain in sight, just frost which will clear soon. Do I go for a walk? Do I clean the windows?? Decisions, decisions!

  2. Thanks SewAli, hopefully I'll be able to maintain the "green dots" during the year, it would be interesting to sit in front of the WBS in December and see how often I got outside.

    Talking of outside, if your choice is walk or windows then it's a no brainer - leave the windows!

  3. I wouldn't choose the windows either! (No surprise there eh?) I'm going down to the allotment. You've done much more than I have these last 2 months Bilbo. A day off won't hurt!

  4. Hey ... that's a really nice looking calendar :o)

    Loweswater Puffin (male)

  5. Dear RmH - you'r right, it is an excellent calendar! Do you know when the Puffins will be taking orders for the 2011 model?

  6. Oops - I hope that my 'you've had much better weather than us' email didn't jinx you this morning!

    Maybe it will focus your mind on kitchen appliances - did you know that you can look at the Which? best buys and reports on-line for a trial £1 for a month subscription - really useful.

    Glorious down here, as SewAli says - sadly I haven't the option of getting out until lunchtime, but might cycle to the Hill then to blow away the cobwebs...

  7. With a view like that it would be rude to ignore it! Make sure that you regularly glance up whilst doing your paperwork to drink it in.

  8. It's OK Hazel, I won't hold a grudge {giggle}. Thanks for the heads up on Which? Am a member already, v. easy to log on and check out reviews.

    James - yes boss!


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