Monday, 15 March 2010

Nectar Bar, part 1

This was never going to be easy - over 30 foot long and the ground is as uneven as the rest of the potager area.

Backboards went in fairly easily, I was able to line them up with the bottom rail of the fence. The shorter side piece only fought back a small amount needing a 30 degree cut to line it up with the fence post. Regretting not buying the large mitre saw that Management and I looked at recently, sigh . . .

Abandoned the front boards at 4.00pm, I'm sure it will all look far more straightforward tomorrow when I am less tired. I drove Management to the station at 5.00 this morning, and so far have done 11 days in the garden this month and it's only the 15th! Yes, I could take a couple of days off from working outside but this is Cumbria and any day now it's going to start raining and then it could be some while before I get to make any more progress so I'm cracking on whilst I can.

Having the soil covered with black membrane all winter has been an excellent move. The soil is in great condition and perfect for digging and all weeds are dead apart from a couple of really tough dandelions which will easily dig out.


  1. Slow down we've barely had time to get used to you not showing us scenes of devestation.

    Keep going at this rate and we won't be looking at mud and wood but plants, flowers, veggies, fruit and other delightful things.

    You might be able to keep going at this pace but we can't it's too big a shock to us more feeble human beings. I'm beginning to understand why Gandaulf chose a Hobbit to destroy the ring ;-)

  2. Nice one Angela! Not many people can make me laugh out loud at the computer {{smile}}.

    Gandalf was no fool - never under-estimate a determined Hobbit!

  3. By 'eck lass, you's done us grand job there.

    As for 11/15 days that must be nearly a record - maybe enough time to sow some quick annuals and get the place buzzing.

  4. Can I have an independent thought James? {giggle} As soon as supper things are cleared away, the books are coming out and providing I don't fall asleep, planting plans might be started.

  5. So just how near the top of your list are the following:
    to name but a few (apologies for poor spelling but you try this on a Blackberry phone.

  6. Not bad James, I sorted out Nigella, Sunflower and Aquilega seed this morning . . . amongst others. Impressive spelling for a Blackberry!

  7. I get exhausted just reading about what you've been up to. It's amazing how suddenly you've been able to go from "un-planting" to planting. This year we're really going to see lots of growing activity in Hobbit-land aren't we?

  8. Morning QuiltSue - you're tired? How the heck do you think I feel :} :}

  9. You are making fantastic progress, Bilbo - keep up the good work! You must surely feel that you're on the home straight now...?


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