Monday, 29 March 2010

Monday madness

Despite a long hard day yesterday, and arm muscles which were complaining abut having spent so much time with the chainsaw (I told them they were out-of-practise wimps and to deal with it!), could not resist a couple of hours this morning before the weather changes. Easter is nearly upon us so it's bound to rain soon.

Am not convinced that the asparagus has survived our recent ice age but tipped another couple of barrows of black gold on them just in case. The mice have moved back under the tarpaulin and were not impressed when I disturbed their little 'des. res.".

Decided the bark chips are spread a bit thin in places, add to never-ending-list to chuck a couple more loads onto the paths.

More work achieved on what will be the Yew Hedge. Fixed the bottom edge of windbreak netting, set some larch slab planks just under a metre from the fence to stop newly dug soil slipping down a slope. Compound saw had its first outing and made a great job of 45o cuts on the end of the stakes which were then really easy to hammer in.

I wasn't aiming for perfect, but the end result is a lot more even and straight than the picture would imply, the joy of converging verticals ....

There might have been a start on weeding but commonsense and tiredness prevailed. The fact that the breadmaker had just produced a fresh loaf of malty, seedy loveliness had nothing to do with my packing up for an early lunch!


  1. ...and I get to "enjoy" a wet M25 & M11 home as punishment for a long day's work.

    Still, nice to see that you are making so much good progress.

  2. I'm sure you enjoyed that bread! You certainly earned it!

  3. It's amazing how much gets done in a good garden session, particularly now you're onto the construction phase. It's coming together really quickly.


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